“The Valley Messenger” is a stirring story of uncertainty, hopelessness, and ultimately, rescue. In this presentation Joyce shows us how God uses different methods to communicate His message for you in the deepest of valleys. Do you know someone in need of a “Valley Messenger”? Perhaps you’re that person in need.

Do you remember the last emotional valley you were in? Perhaps you’re still there. And it’s been years. Each of us have been through times of despair, wandering aimlessly, feeling lost in a valley of gloom. Hope, seemingly, has evaded us. We become desperate to find some alternate route, because the mountains are too high to scale. And sometimes, we simply settle for our valley experience for a very long time. But it doesn’t have to be this way. God has something infinitely better in-store for you.

When doubt and fear prevail, when morning feels like just another repeat of yesterdays, when prayer has been exhausted and no one has come, what next? Could it be a valley message was sent, but somehow overlooked? On the other hand, there are stories of liberation when someone thought all hope was gone, but God showed up just in the nick of time. “The Valley Messenger” is where real life collides head-on with real hope.

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