Like the size of her heels, every woman varies. But at the end of the day, she is still a woman. She has needs, desires, and passions. A unique personality. Distinctive qualities. An invoking spirit. A befriending presence. A romantic penchant. An urgent schedule. So how does she survive in a challenging home and world, when commitment is an option, her time belongs to everyone else, and the world demands a tennis-shoe performance with a six-inch heel?

It’s really not stiletto science, but there is an art to being a woman in today’s cultural race. Women do what women must – we are survivors and we care for those we love – that’s why God gave us heels.

Join Joyce for a good soul rub as we rediscover how every woman can:

  • Slide On – Slip into the fit for God’s call on her life
  • Dig In – Stand firm in the tough demands of today’s woman
  • Take Off – Step to the beat of a contented heart

Share the laughter, love, and life as you find the fit for a more comfortable walk in this world. After all, it’s not the size of the heel, but the impression it leaves behind.

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